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October 2016

Over and over and over again, in all the recent channelled teachings of Jesus, we are told that if we judge one another we will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Would he keep on reminding us not to judge unless non-judgment was a key factor in the awakening process?

Non-judgment, after all, is a major component of forgiveness. If we don’t forgive someone, it means we have judged them as not being worthy of forgiveness. And if we don’t forgive people, including ourselves, events, situations and circumstances, by letting them all go or by accepting them unconditionally, then we will be making certain aspects of the dream real and so it won’t be possible to awaken from it.

We read in A Course of Love, “…What is flows from Love and knows not judgment. All that you envision, imagine, desire with love must be without judgment or it will be false envisioning, false imagining, false desire…” ACOL, T4:7.1

And in The Way of Mastery, on page 33, we are told: “But I say unto you, every time you have judged yourself, you have weakened yourself. Every time you have judged yourself or another, you have slipped down the mountain another notch, when your desire is to be at the summit.”

And throughout A Course in Miracles we are warned time and again against judging anyone or anything. As Workbook Lesson 352 explains:

“Judgment and love are opposites. From one

Come all the sorrows of the world. But from

The other comes the peace of God Himself.”

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