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April 2018

“…Forget not that a shadow held between your brother and yourself obscures the face of Christ and memory of God. And would you trade Them for an ancient hate?” A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Text, p.561.

That shadow is a grievance or resentment of some kind, which Jesus tells us, over and over again in ACIM, will prevent us from returning to Heaven. That’s why forgiveness is so important.

In a beautiful film I watched recently entitled, “The Light Between Oceans,” 2016, forgiveness was touched upon in a most moving way. When a woman asked her husband, who had been through a terrible time during World War I, why he was always so happy and always smiling, he replied: “You only have to forgive once. If you are resentful you have to keep doing that all day, every day. It’s too much work.”  As a result of this, the woman, in turn, forgave someone else who had caused her great suffering.

As Jesus tells us in ACIM Workbook Lesson 193: “I will forgive, and this will disappear.”  It is helpful to remember that sentence whenever one is struggling with an upset or a grievance or an unhappy memory. Even if it has to be repeated over and over mentally until it is truly grasped.

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