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March 2019

Sitting on a deserted beach recently, I saw myself as a tiny drop of water. And as the waves lapped on the shore, I wondered what it would be like to absorbed by the whole body of water that makes up the ocean. I realised that it would probably be a frightening experience because the little drop of sea that represented me would be completely engulfed, seemingly lost forever.

I asked myself why would I fear returning to the Ocean, to Source? Because I can’t remember what it feels like to be a part of Source. Yet, that is where I have come from. But the drop of water, the little individual self is all that I am consciously aware of, so I cling to what is familiar. Spiritual teacher, Kenneth Wapnick, summed it up very well in his book, “Ending our Resistance to Love,” He wrote: “We like having a personality. Even though for most of us we have not always been happy…we still cling to this self because it is all we have. The other Self does not exist here….” p.5

So I asked for guidance, whilst sitting on the beach, as to how we can remember God. “Try to remember Source by losing sight of the body-mind.” “But how?” I asked. “Meditation, if you can stop your thoughts. And not focusing on personal preferences, likes and dislikes, etc., all the things that form your personality. Study spiritual texts and learn from those who have managed to return to Source. Anything that helps you take your focus off yourself will be beneficial, such as charity work. Think of Mother Teresa”

So I thought of Mother Teresa and remembered a film I saw recently about her life. It was obvious that her personality was of little concern to her; she dedicated her whole life to serving others. Food for thought…


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