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April 2020

Time and again those who are on a spiritual quest are reminded that they are far more than just a physical body. In fact, if we think that the body is all we are, it will be very difficult to awaken and achieve Self-realisation

The well-known Indian sage, Ramana Maharshi points out in Ramana, Shankara & the Forty Verses, “Remember that he who associates the I sense with the body and its faculties is bound, while he who does not is liberated.” p. 46

Similarly, an affirmation that we come across numerous times in A Course in Miracles is: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.”

Yet, the physical form takes up so much of our time. We need to feed it, wash it, give it rest and exercise, provide shelter for it, etc. It takes up too much of our attention and of our time. So, how do we remember that we are not this body? Sleep comes to mind because when we are asleep, we are finally unaware of the body as we wander off in slumber land. But meditation is very important although it is more difficult to completely disregard the body during meditation than it is in sleep. Yet, if we are able to do so, then meditation is very helpful because we turn our attention within and lose awareness of the body.

In Lesson 13 of The Way of Mastery Jesus tells us: “In truth, you are pure Spirit. In truth, you are as I am…. At no time—at no time—are you limited to the appearance that you have come to believe is you…” Then on page 155 we are given an affirmation: “…I am unlimited, pure Spirit and nothing is unavailable to me…” These words are very empowering and helpful to remember especially when the body is suffering or is in pain.

I have had the opportunity to remind myself of this recently due to a very painful condition, which fortunately is getting better. Despite the pain I often tell myself that this little body is not me. My infinite Self or higher Self is at peace and feels no pain at all, as it has no physical form. When we think of ourselves in this way, it gives us a sense of freedom and helps to minimise the fear of death.

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