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May 2020

What can be learnt from the situation in which we now find ourselves? The first thing that strikes me is that we are all in this together, wherever we live on the planet. We are all going through the same anxiety, difficulty and, in some cases, suffering. Suddenly, differences such as race, nationality, religion and social status are no longer important. Perhaps now, as we have a common goal—to fight off the virus—we will be less inclined to fight with each other.

Secondly, now that we, in the western world, are learning to make do with fewer supplies and a little less food than before, we will be more empathetic towards those in other parts of the world who have to survive on very little all the time.

Thirdly, maybe we will treat the environment with more respect and with less wastage as we try to make things last a little longer, e.g. tissues, washing powder, some food items, etc.

Fourthly, our standards of hygiene will improve, and we will probably wash our hands more frequently and more thoroughly from now on.

Finally, one of the most important things to realise about our current world crisis is that we are all reacting to it in the same way, i.e., all taking the same precautions to protect ourselves. Also, we are trying to learn from each other and, hopefully, to share what we have learnt as we try to overcome the virus. Cooperation has therefore become much more important than competition. So, maybe we will all finally begin to become aware that we are all one. This crisis may end up uniting the world.

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