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May 2021

I was thinking recently about how life seems to be whizzing by at such speed.  A daffodil comes out in spring and then a few weeks later it disappears. The long, warm days of summer soon turn into the short, dark days of winter. A cute little kitten grows up so quickly. A new-born baby soon turns into a young adult who leaves home. Everything seems to be so transient and short-lived in this world of duality. Yet, the love we have for those who have come into our lives and then leave seems to remain for ever.

The following passage in The Way of Mastery, (WOM) explains it so well: “…Forms begin in time and end in time, such as the body. That is a form you are very clearly aware of. Ideas have a beginning and an end. Love is the only thing that knows neither beginning nor end, being the fundamental energy of God Itself.” p.345.

Only love lasts because it is the energy of God. Loss and death are not possible, says Jesus in the WOM because death can pertain only to form. But love can never be lost or die. That is an uplifting thought. And in A Course in Miracles, speaking about this world he says, “The only thing of value in it is what you look upon with love.” I remind myself of that quite often as I look around this world and try to make sense of it.

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