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June 2021

As we continue to go through turbulent times where many aspects of life seem to be uncertain and many of the things that we took for granted, including some of our civil liberties, can no longer be counted upon, Joel Goldsmith’s words of advice are worth remembering: “God in the midst of me is the only power. I shall not fear what mortal man or mortal conditions can do to me.” He was a spiritual teacher and mystic who lived from 1892 to 1964 and he wrote the above in his book, “A Parenthesis in Eternity,” page 61.

We may be feeling vulnerable, afraid, subject to too many restrictions, lonely or sad. In which case Goldsmith has further advice on page 125 of the same book: “Only in the understanding that we are life eternal, that God is our life, that we are immortal and spiritual, and that in the entire kingdom of God there are no deadly weapons—physical, mental, or otherwise—can we find safety and security.”

Our strength comes from within. It comes from our connection to All That Is. We are eternal spiritual beings and only a tiny fraction of our true Self seems to be having this transitory experience of life on Earth. If we can remember this regardless of what we see going on in the news, we will not be subject to fear-mongering. We will rely on our inner strength and we will maintain a positive attitude. This, in itself, boosts the body’s immune system and offers protection against illness and negative mental programming.

Another way to improve one’s mental attitude is to go out in nature and in the sunlight as much as possible. Also spending time doing the things we love instead of being stuck in a job that we do not enjoy at all. How fortunate are those whose passion in life has become their career!

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