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December 2021

The problem with becoming an A Course in Miracles student is that as your perceptions of the world change (and they undoubtedly will), you may become rather disillusioned with life as you have been living it. Gradually, you realize that things that were meaningful in the past no longer seem to be as rewarding as they once were. It could be your job, travelling, shopping, going to the theatre or going out for a meal with friends, a glass of wine… Although all these may still be pleasant experiences, you may find that you become rather ambivalent towards them—you can take them or leave them.

Another change one notices as one studies the Course is that there is a strong desire to do something that will help others awaken from the dream. This is probably true of many other spiritual paths as well. We find ourselves wondering whether it is our divine purpose to lead our fellowmen to the truth or whether God has a plan for us. So, we think perhaps we should organize workshops or spiritual study groups or write a book, etc.

What should we do? A Course in Miracles gives clear guidance on this matter. Starting with Lesson 98: “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation,” we see that God does have a plan for us and that we have a “mighty purpose to fulfill…” Similarly, Lesson 192 states “I have a function God would have me fill.” And what is that function? It is forgiveness. “Forgiveness represents your function here…Forgiveness gently looks upon all things unknown in Heaven, sees them disappear, and leaves the world a clean and unmarked slate on which the Word of God can now replace the senseless symbols written there before…”

Forgiveness is God’s plan for us. It will enable us to bring illusions to the truth which will awaken us from the dream, conquer the ego and liberate us. If we go ahead and organize spiritual study groups, workshops, meetings, etc. or write a book which deals with some aspect of spirituality, it is perfectly all right. All these things are extremely helpful as they may help others awaken and hasten their journey Home. Yet, forgiveness has to be at the forefront of our minds every single day of our lives because it will definitely take us Home.

It is interesting to see what Kenneth Wapnick has to say on the matter. In his book, “The Healing Power of Kindness, Vol. Two, p.108, he says:“Whenever you feel you have important work to do in this world—e.g., a specific function Jesus has given you—you should smile knowingly and gently, realizing your ego has done it again. Your only function is to forgive…Our only important work is to change the mind that thinks there is a world…”

This means we can go about our daily lives as usual. We don’t need to change our careers, our partners, our friends, our leisure time pursuits, or the places where we go on holiday. All we need to do is to use these situations and relationships to practice forgiveness; this means non-judgement. Our daily lives become our spiritual practice. And if ever we have judged someone or we feel unforgiving, we can quietly remind ourselves of some the following ACIM Lessons: “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation,” or “Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here,” or “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world,” or “I will forgive, and this will disappear.” Then smile.

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