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March 2022

I was thinking about how it can be difficult to forgive someone from one’s distant past
because one doesn’t see them anymore. It’s not the forgiveness that’s difficult, it is
actually getting in touch with them and expressing it that can be the problem,
especially if they live in another country and are no longer in touch with you.

Then I came across an interesting passage about forgiveness in The Way of
Mastery, page 35. Jesus explains that we don’t actually have to forgive in person
because: “All minds are joined. It means that where you extend forgiveness within
the consciousness, within your emotional field to another—whether they be
physically present or not—you are extending to them exactly what you could extend
to them if they were physically in front of you.
” Then Jesus goes on to explain that
even if they don’t choose to accept your forgiveness, that is their issue, not yours.

So, for those who may want to release someone (or something) from their past and
make amends for whatever reason, it is just a matter of focusing forgiveness on that
person or even expressing it out loud, wherever they may be in the world or even
beyond this world, if they have passed away. Food for thought…

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