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August 2022

The series of books by Baird T Spalding entitled, ‘Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East,’ contain a wealth of spiritual information, which is inspiring, uplifting and mind-expanding.

In Volume 4, p. 149 the author explains: “To the Master there is no material universe. The visible Universe to him is the manifestation of Spirit and is…governed by the law of Spirit. It is this knowledge which gives him power…” Spalding says the law of Spirit is the law of love and, if we can live in harmony with the law of Spirit/love, we will be in a state of perfect harmony with all things and all people.

Jesus in A Course in Miracles and in The Way of Mastery dwells at length on the fact that we have never separated from God; we just believe we have, and have projected this physical world out of our minds.

Spalding reiterates this. In Volume 4, p. 141, we read: “All sense of apartness, isolation, limitation is only fictitious for it is impossible for separation to be an actual fact. If it were the Universe would not be whole…If the Universe is a single Unit and all things within it are eternally united into a single system, how and where could any separation exist? In fact, it could be only an imagined state…”

Spalding said that if our thoughts become inharmonious and unloving, we will experience sickness and difficult conditions in our lives because this reduces the vibration of our bodies. But, “If we would keep in complete Universal harmony in thought there could be no inharmonious condition come into our lives…not one…” p.142.  Here we see the emphasis, as we do in Jesus’ teachings, on the importance of mind-watching to make sure we keep out negative thoughts, which lower the vibration of the physical form.

I strongly recommend this series of books, which were written by Baird T Spalding nearly a century ago.

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