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December 2022

Thinking about all the things that are wrong with the world and with our society can be quite depressing and cause us to feel powerless. How can we contribute to a better world? How can we help solve some of the huge problems of our societies? How can we bring about change? These are daunting questions, yet there could be a simple way that we can contribute to the upliftment of humanity.

Some spiritual teachers point out that we should be the change that we want to see in the world. This is good advice. In ‘The Prophet’s Way,’ by Thom Hartmann, there is more good advice. On page 76, he says,” …Each of us as individuals, walking along our personal paths to enlightenment, enlightens the entire universe. Our small acts of mercy, our filling our rituals with an awareness of spirit, our striving to live with ever-increasing integrity and purity: they all raise all of humanity and all of creation.”

What does he mean by this? In the book he explains that a small act of mercy could be something as simple as moving a worm off the road, so that it doesn’t get run over by a car. I thought about this and realised that sometimes I do this sort of thing instinctively. For instance, I put several dishes of water out in the garden for the hedgehogs and birds. I contact the RSPB whenever I find a wounded bird in the garden. I remember once I managed to get my cat to drop a squirrel that was in its mouth and took it to a safe place. I helped a butterfly escape from a very hot greenhouse when it became trapped. Maybe these little acts do help humanity. Maybe not. Who can be sure?

But I am sure that having an awareness of spirit, tuning into the Divine every day, and living with integrity and kindness can only be beneficial to myself and others.

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