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January 2024

All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.”
                 John Lennon

All you need is love….” were the wise words of John Lennon in 1967. In much more ancient times, we read something remarkably similar in the wonderful Hindu scripture The Bhagavad Gita. The avatar Krishna, speaking to His disciple Arjuna, explains that we cannot reach God by an austere life, gifts to the poor or ritual offerings. He continues: “Only by love can men see me, and know me, and come unto me. He who works for me, who loves me, whose End Supreme I am, free from attachment to all things, and with love for all creation, he in truth comes unto me.” p. 95.

Free from attachment to all things is of great importance in the search for enlightenment. It is because we cannot help getting attached to people, places and things in this world, that we are unable to achieve the one-pointedness necessary to reach God. But it is not easy to achieve; there are so many distractions here.

In The Way of Mastery, Lesson 6,like the Beatles, Jesus also tells us: “All you need is Love. Love fulfils all things. Love embraces all things. Love heals all things. Love transforms all things…” p.75. That is the main theme throughout this spiritual masterpiece. On page 78, he continues: “If you remember to extend Love, then you are free! You have transcended birth and death. The seeker is no more and only Christ walks this Earth.”  That is how important love is, if we want to ensure that we do not return to this world, the next time round.

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