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March 2024

Discovery of the Presence of God is one of a series of books by the spiritual teacher
David R Hawkins, who went through an enlightenment experience at a young age.
He managed to overcome the ego and, interestingly, all his books were written in the
third person instead of in the first person, as he wanted to avoid using the pronoun I.

I came across the following sentence in Discovery of the Presence of God, p. xiv.
Speaking about the book, Hawkins wrote: “The style of presentation is itself
designed to facilitate the resonance of recognition that awaits activation in the seeker
since the Self of the reader and the writer are actually one and the same.”
The last
part of that sentence resonated with me because he is emphasising that, in reality,
there is only one of us. He was referring to the one Mind that is in each and every
one of us and which unites us as one.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) refers to the one Son of God, which, it says, is all of us,
as God had only one Son: “God has but one Son, knowing them all as one…” Text,
page 174. ACIM also stresses that although we appear to be many, we are all joined
at the level of the one Mind, and Workbook Lesson 336 states: “Forgiveness lets me
know that minds are joined.”

The significance of all of the above is that if we are all one and our minds are all
joined together, it matters a great deal what we put into our minds. If we focus on
war, attack of any sort or retribution, or watch violence on television, we will be
spreading it around the world to other minds, which could pick up on it. If we focus,
instead, on love, forgiveness and loving kindness, this is what we will be spreading
around the world; the result in the long term will be a more peaceful and happy
existence for us all.

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