August 2021

Spiritual teacher and author Paul Brunton dwells at length on the Overself in many of his books. The Overself is also known as the Oversoul or the Higher Self. It is the link with God—the divine spark within each of us that connects us with God.

In his book, ‘The Quest of the Overself,’ on page 291, Paul Brunton describes the Overself as, “…the ray of God in man.” And on page 284, he makes the interesting comment that, “There is not a separate Overself attached to each individual, as it were…There is but one Overself for all bodies…There are not millions of eternal Overselves, only millions of perishable individualities.”  That is certainly food for thought. It shows our inter-connectedness and illustrates our oneness with each other. The Overself is our unlimited and eternal aspect, the personality and the body could never be eternal.

Lesson 95 of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), springs to mind because it deals with more or less the same topic. In this lesson, Jesus asks us to use this affirmation: “I am one Self, united with my Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace.” He also stresses the fact that there is just one Self, or one Son of God, and we are all that one Self. There is only oneness in reality. He points out, “You are one Self, the holy Son of God, united with your brothers in that Self; united with your Father in His Will.”

If we bear all this in mind, we come to the realisation that all the seeming differences of race, gender, religion, belief, socio-economic status, etc. are not significant. It is our oneness which we should remember and if we did, it would mean the end of the chaos and strife on this beleaguered planet.

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