December 2023

I have been dipping in and out recently of a series of books by Dolores Cannon entitled, The Convoluted Universe. In Book One, on page 395, there is an interesting explanation of how our world came into being—how we descended from Oneness into a world of multiplicity. It would be more correct to say worlds of multiplicity because this is not the only world in the universe. This is how it is explained: “The soul is a spark a fragment of the original One Soul. For all, at one time, were simply whole and together. And in what you call the beginning of creation this wholeness was splintered. And each of you were cast off to begin experiencing life as separate identities. This is what you have called the time of the Fall…. the Fall is simply a forgetting of the true identity. A lowering of the consciousness, and forgetting that all are truly part of the whole.”

This explanation is quite similar to that of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), as is evident from the following explanation in Chapter 1 of my book, It’s All An Illusion! in which I dealt with the theory of creation, according to ACIM:

“…God, being eternal and perfect, created, as an extension of Himself, His Son, Christ, who is equally eternal and perfect. At that point only perfect oneness, or non-duality, existed. Christ brought into being extensions of Himself as new Creations. At this stage we are simply talking about spirit and mind. Nothing of any physical substance was created. And it is important to remember that non-duality still exists, as all the new Creations are one with each other and one with Christ and God in Heaven.

Then at some point, the mind of Christ’s extensions split into a “right mind” and “wrong mind.” The wrong mind portion, on an impulse, decided to try to go it alone, i.e., to try to live apart from God. (This is the Fall that we read about in the Bible. At that point, the wrong mind split into separate fragments and multiplicity occurred, as did the world of phenomena that we see around us and everything in it. The ego was created by the wrong mind and became a replacement for God.

“Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishments and real effects….” (1 ACIM, T586) The tiny mad idea was the idea of the mind splitting off and wandering away from Heaven and into the world of form.

From then on duality was the name of the game. We now had a world where subject and object were distinct from each other. We saw ourselves apart from God; we even managed to forget that we were ever one with God and Christ, and we became fearful and also guilty. Guilty because of our subconscious memory of having split from our Creator and fearful because the world we created was indeed something to be afraid of. The ego, not having any of the omnipotence or permanence of God, could only create a world that was lacking in all respects—a world where only impermanence and change were possible…”

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