February 2017

In Chapter 28 of the Text of A Course in Miracles we read: “…This world was over long ago…” T589. That is a most baffling statement because we believe in the linear view of time, i.e. past, present and future. Yet, according to ACIM not only is there no past or future, there is no time; it is as much a part of the illusion as is space, the ego and the body. Someone who explains this perplexing topic extremely well is Dr Kenneth Wapnick.

Speaking about the illusory nature of linear time in his mind-expanding book, “A Vast Illusion – Time according to A Course in Miracles,” Dr Wapnick says we are simply reviewing mentally what happened in the instant when the Separation seemingly took place. Whilst we think we are living in the present, in the world we believe we are in, it is as if we are watching our lives on a television screen, thinking that what we are observing is actually taking place, when it isn’t, because, as ACIM tells us: “This world was over long ago.

Jesus points out in ACIM, “Each day, and every minute in each day, and every instant that each minute holds, you but relive the single instant when the time of terror [i.e. the separation] took the place of love…Such is each life; a seeming interval from birth to death and on to life again, a repetition of an instant gone by long ago that cannot be relived. And all of time is but the mad belief that what is over is still here and now.” T552

If we seriously consider the implications of that passage we can see that there is absolutely no point in getting worked up about anything that seems to happen in this world of ours—this dream world. If it is all over and we are insisting on reliving it by reviewing it mentally, then what is the point? The only worthwhile thing we can do is to realise we are just dreaming or reviewing mentally an instant of time in the ancient past, and then choose to forgive it, to release it, i.e. to let go of the ego’s belief system altogether, and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by practicing forgiveness.

Kenneth Wapnick explains, “And so in each instant we are choosing the ego’s tale of a sinful and unforgiving past, or the Holy Spirit’s truth of a forgiving present in which no sin ever occurred.” p.65. And he has these words of encouragement for us: “…All we really need do is forgive. At that moment our world will be transformed from hate into a world of love…When we actually totally forgive one person, the whole Sonship is healed…Since minds are joined, a healing thought within any part of the Sonship heals the whole…” p.71. Pretty amazing!

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