February 2022

I came across an important passage in Tina Louise Spalding’s book, “A Year of Forgiveness – A Course in Miracles Lessons with commentary from Jesus,” kindle edition. In the commentary on Lesson 312, “I see all things as I would have them be,” Jesus said:

“…There are beings on this planet who do not see war, do not see starvation, and have an experience of extreme peace, abundance and joy. That is because they have mastered their minds; they have clarified their beliefs and ideas…”

I wondered how one could not see suffering on this planet, when it seems to be a place of extreme suffering and sadness. One just has to read the newspapers or watch the television news to find that out. So, I asked for guidance about how I could not see suffering in this world. I received the following:

‘Remember everything in this world is projected out of your minds. So, see everything as taking place on a huge screen and then turn away from the screens that show you violence and suffering. Focus on what gives you joy and peace, e.g., nature, music, art, etc. It doesn’t mean that you cannot alleviate suffering in whatever way you feel guided to. Just remember that this world is a dream, and you need to awaken from it. When everyone is awakened, there will be no more suffering.’

That was food for thought. It may sound callous to not focus on the horrors and sadness of this world but, if we remember that all minds are joined (a key non-dual teaching), then it does matter what we put into our minds. The more of us that put peaceful, loving thoughts into our mind, the more peaceful and loving we will all become, and the world will be a much nicer place to live in.

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