February 2024

The spiritual sage Yogananda in the masterpiece he wrote in 1945, Autobiography of
a Yogi
, made the following wise remarks: “How quickly we weary of earthly
pleasures! Desire for material things is endless; man is never satisfied completely,
and pursues one goal after another. The ‘something else’ he seeks is the Lord, who
alone can grant lasting joy.”
p. 172.

How true are those words. We just have to think of the joy a new car gives us, until it
wears off, or a new home or a new piece of clothing or jewellery. Material objects,
people and places cannot give us lasting pleasure. This is what Jesus says in A
Course in Miracles (ACIM)
, Text page 653, referring to all the different roads in this
world: “…Perhaps you would prefer to try them all, before you really learn they are
but one. The roads this world can offer seem to be quite large in number, but the
time must come when everyone begins to see how like they are to one
another…Seek not another signpost in the world that seems to point to still another
road. No longer look for hope where there is none…”

Like Yogananda, Jesus tells us that God is our only goal because He created all of
us as His one Son: “Forgive yourself your madness, and forget all senseless
journeys and all goal-less aims. They have no meaning. You can not escape from
what you are. For God is merciful, and did not let His Son abandon Him…There is
no path that does not lead to Him.”
p. 655.

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