July 2021

There is an interesting section in Chapter 9 of A Course in Miracles, in which Jesus
explains why we should never condemn anyone. With reference to the Holy Spirit he
says, “He will teach you how to see yourself without condemnation, by learning how
to look on everything without it. Condemnation will then not be real to you, and all
your errors will be forgiven.
” Text p.168

It is just a matter of not condemning anyone or any situation whether past or present
but accepting what is going on in the world, realising that it is a product of our own
minds since we have projected the world out of our minds. The way to change the
world is to change our minds.

If we watch the news, look at our history books and, closer to home, at our
communities and even our families, we will undoubtedly find those who seem to
merit condemnation. Yet, if we want to achieve liberation, we cannot condemn them
because, as Jesus said regarding someone who is speaking foolishly, his ego is
always wrong but: “He is still right, because he is a Son of God.” Text, page166. And
as everyone is a son of God, no one deserves condemnation no matter how foolish
or malevolent his ego may be.

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