July 2023

A number of spiritual teachings refer to the illusory nature of our world—the world of
the ego. It is, in fact, a central theme of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). But also in The
Way of Mastery
(WOM), another channelled teaching from Jesus, we are told in no
uncertain terms that our world is not as it seems.

On page 7, paragraph 4 of the WOM, it is explained that everything that happens is
only happening on the mental plane. “…For all you have managed to achieve is the
creation of a whole lot of insane dramas that are occurring nowhere except in the
field of your mind. They are like chimeras, like dreams…”

On page 158 of The Way of Mastery, paragraph 6, it states that it is not possible for
there to be victims of this world because, “…the world they see truly occurs nowhere
save within the field of their awareness, which we call consciousness or mind. The
buildings, the automobiles you drive, the dollars in the bank—none of that is real…”

And it is explained that those things, which are so important to us, are just here as
temporary learning experiences.

For those who want to awaken from the dream of separation from God, Jesus is
asking us to expand our minds, cultivate unlimited consciousness and practise
forgiveness. It is well worth studying both ACIM and the WOM, as both are spiritual
masterpieces with the same theme—forgiveness.

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