June 2013 – “I need but call and You will answer me.”

“I am not asked to take salvation on the basis of an unsupported faith. For God has promised He will hear my call, and answer me Himself….” Workbook page 465, Lesson 327.

We are frequently reminded, in A Course in Miracles, to call upon the Holy Spirit for guidance because that is the way we overcome the ego. The Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, is available to us in the “right mind”, whilst the ego lives in the “wrong mind”, the portion that believes that the separation from God actually took place.

Very often in our lives we will need guidance, especially when practising our forgiveness lessons. So it is encouraging to study Lesson 327, which affirms that we will hear God’s answer. It comes to us from the Holy Spirit, and many ACIM students and teachers have the ability to hear His Voice and pass on His messages to us. But it is important for us to have the willingness to try to hear His Voice for ourselves. We may not actually hear a separate voice but receive His guidance through our dreams at night, through gut feelings or through the pages of a book that we open at random. Yet, it will not be easy to make a place for the Voice for God, if we cannot shut out the raucous shrieks of the ego, at least occasionally. If we can turn the world off and go within, we are more likely to be able to receive His guidance.

DavidPaul Doyle has written a very valuable guide to hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit— 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice. It is well worth reading as it offers practical guidance and exercises to help us do this. Once we are able to rely on our inner connection with God, we will feel both empowered and joyful. As DavidPaul states, it has the power to change our lives.

If we are auditory learners, i.e. we learn best by listening, then we may actually hear the Voice for God, as a separate internal voice. If we are visual learners, i.e. we learn best by reading and writing, we may find that the easiest way to receive His guidance is by putting pen to paper and writing down whatever comes into one’s mind.  Sometimes nothing flows but, at others times, it is quite surprising what a clear connection one can have with the Voice for God; it is also a great honour and it gives great joy.

In Chapter 5, the role of the Holy Spirit is explained in great detail. Jesus tells us, “The Holy Spirit is the spirit of joy. He is the Call to return with which God blessed the minds of His separated Sons…The Holy Spirit is in you in a very literal sense. His is the Voice that calls you back to where you were before and will be again. It is possible even in this world to hear only that Voice and no other. It takes effort and great willingness to learn. It is the final lesson that I learned, and God’s Sons are as equal as learners as they are as Sons.” T75. As we can see, it takes effort and great willingness but, if we have developed the habit of regular meditation, then it is not so difficult to quiet the mind, go within and ask specific questions.  And, as Jesus points out in that passage, if we are equal as learners, then we have the ability to hear God’s Voice, just as he did himself.

In the Clarification of Terms, we read, “The Holy Spirit abides in the part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind. He represents your Self and your Creator, Who are One. He speaks for God and also for you, being joined with Both. And therefore it is He Who proves Them One…” We could think of the Holy Spirit as being our Higher Self—that portion of the mind that knows what is for our highest good. He is the best guide we could ever have.

Finally, a few words of wisdom which came to me from the Holy Spirit: “Peace on earth to all mankind. Spread the message of peace. Be loving and kind. Extend God’s love to all who cross your path. Smile and laugh for you are on your way Home…I am always with you. In silence you will hear Me…Time will have an end but you are beyond time. Breathe deeply; it is the link with God…The earth is God created and the world is not. The earth is an extension of Him, just as you are. Animals are your extensions and also holy…Breathe deeply when you feel fear and remember Me. I am with you always. No harm can come to those who serve…The body is not you; it is just an outer garment. By focusing on the goal—God— you can lessen the ego’s grip on the body. Affirmations and Workbook lessons can help, and even focusing on nature is helpful. Meditate. Go within. Peaceful thoughts will let Me in. A troubled mind blocks my presence.”

“I need but call and You will answer me.” W465.

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