September 2021

It is the nature of spirit to be free. One reason is that it is not attached to a physical form, which is very limiting due to its three-dimensional nature. Another reason is that we were created free by God, and He created us in spirit form and not in a physical body, according to A Course in Miracles, (ACIM). Everybody loves freedom. So, when we see draconian measures being taken that seriously restrict our freedom and civil liberties as we have over the past couple of years, (in some countries it is much worse than others) it is understandable that we become engulfed with feelings of hopelessness and depression.

However upsetting this is, there is another way of looking at the world that reveals to us the futility of letting this world get us down. I came across it recently in Chapter 25 of the Text of ACIM: “Salvation is no more than a reminder this world is not your home. Its laws are not imposed on you, its values are not yours. And nothing that you think you see in it is really there at all.” Text, p. 530. So, if this world is not our home, it is pointless getting too worked up about it. As many spiritual traditions teach, this world is ‘maya’ or an illusion. It is a world that has been projected out of our minds. Thus, it makes sense to set our sights upon our true Home and cultivate some level of detachment from this world. (This does not mean that we have to acquiesce to all that is going on, unless we want to.)

The following three lessons from the Workbook of ACIM offer good advice. Lessons 128 to 130: “The world I see holds nothing that I want.” “Beyond this world there is a world I want.” “It is impossible to see two worlds.” It is worth reading those lessons in full for a greater understanding of this important concept.

Therefore, whatever restrictions have been imposed upon us, which negatively impact upon the quality of our lives, upon our freedom and upon our livelihoods, it helps if we remember that this dream world is not our true home. And all the roles we play are not our true identities. We are all unlimited, eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, which is actually only taking place in our minds even though this third-dimensional plane seems real to our physical senses. That is why Jesus said about this world, “And nothing that you think you see in it is really there at all.”

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