September 2023

The Way of Mastery (WOM), a channelled teaching from Jesus, through Jon Marc
Hammer, is an amazing spiritual masterpiece, which I study periodically. I recently
came across an interesting concept about ascension from the third dimension, which
is really the aim of all those on a spiritual path. Yet, the third dimension, seems to
keep us trapped, as it is the world of the physical senses, and there is so much to
see, do, listen to, and explore in this 3D world. But ascend we must, unless we want
to keep going around and around on the wheel of life, trapped in this lower

In the WOM on page 208, Jesus points out that we cannot begin to ascend from the
third dimension until we have the desire to do so. How many of us have this desire?
He said: “The desire to do so is always within you. That is, it may be dormant, but
the desire to know God must necessarily be within each soul, since God is your

He said it is as if we have fallen asleep but when the impulse to awaken is felt within
us, we will know about it. He says: “The fireworks may not occur, but a shift happens
within your being and you know that you can never return to the way it was. You can
never again pretend that life is only what you see through the senses.”

The word pretend is important. Is that what we are all doing on this planet? Is it all
really make believe? Jesus would say that it is.

So, it is up to us to cultivate the desire that lurks deep within the mind and seek out a
path and a spiritual practice that will awaken us from the dream of separation.

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